Climate change is happening. Billion dollar natural disasters, rising sea levels, spiralling pollution and the threat of extinction are now always in the news. Our governments say a lot of the right things, but carry on with business-as-usual.

But imagine a world where we fix climate change. And imagine that we fix it fairly, stimulating green innovation and maintaining freedom of choice, where everyone plays their part and can choose where, when and how they go green.

This is the crossroads we are at. Either we continue down the road we are on, and life support system Earth is pushed to breaking point. Or we choose the path that leads to a sustainable future.

We can save the climate and our future with a robust CO2 emissions reduction program. That’s what Total Carbon Rationing is. It offers a framework to tackle all major issues in the fight against climate change, from climate justice to green innovation, from international trade to negative emissions.

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