Adam in coat and hat

Adam Hardy: editor, director, webmaster. MSc Environmental Technology.

Since my MSc, I worked in the rainforest trying to protect it, I also worked a lot in corporations too, doing IT in banks, in the foreign exchange and energy markets. Frankly, I always knew the corporations I worked for were completely unsustainable.

When the idea of Total Carbon Rationing first occurred to me in 2005, people laughed at the idea it could ever be accepted. But things are changing fast now and anything seems possible.

TCR has aspects to it that are mind-blowing – in a good way. I love it when people “get it” and start enthusiastically telling me how good it is – that’s why I don’t give up.

There is a social movement forming, where people (including myself) voluntarily forego the benefits of a high carbon lifestyle. Sadly, it’s not going to spread far and wide and swiftly enough to avert climate change and its impacts. We have to find a way to wean society off carbon.

When a carbon rationing scheme is in place, locally, or based in a town or city or even nationally, everyone can reap the benefits: reduced carbon footprints, promotion of low-carbon business, fair sharing of the effort taken.

Adam, London, UK 2019
Millie - artist, designer, illustrator

Millie S. Holland: artist, designer, illustrator – BA

Like many makers, I create work that isn’t environmentally sustainable, but my conscience is constantly pushing me to try to be green and reduce my impact on this planet. Hence why in other areas of my life, I’m far more proactive. Total Carbon Rationing is a concept that would truly change the way we think about these issues, so it is something I am keen to help raise awareness of.

Millie, London, UK 2019
Sam with snake

Sam J. Baker: fundraiser, researcher, reporter – MSc Environmental Technology

Because I keep a close relationship to natural world, I feel a great sense of purpose in reconnecting people back to nature, and contributing to a rapid and just transition to a future with environmental consciousness at its core. TCR empowers people to make their own informed decisions when it comes to environmental impact. In this situation of institutionalised false promises and impending disaster, TCR offers an innovative and pragmatic solution which works with the current economic system, not against it. This could really give society a chance to keep warming below 2°C, even if many are saying it is slipping beyond our grasp.

Sam, London 2019

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For the sake of transparency, all funding will be declared. Currently all work is done on a voluntary basis.

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We are currently in the process of setting up the charity Rational Carbon as the organisation behind our charitable activities:

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  • networking to spread the word in local, scientific and NGO communities both in the UK and teaming up with similar organisations in other countries
  • bringing together of residents and businesses in local carbon rationing schemes
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