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Collaborate on Total Carbon Rationing…

The Total Carbon Rationing campaign needs volunteers who can collaborate in a multitude of different ways. Please get in touch if interested.


Adam in coat and hat

Adam Hardy: editor, campaigner, webmaster. MSc Environmental Technology.

I’ve worked in the rainforest trying to protect it and although I couldn’t carry on that work, I have always led the most sustainable lifestyle I could. This campaign is a slightly daunting task but I know, for me, if Total Carbon Rationing is put in place, I will finally be able to relax, rather then get wound up whenever friends say they are going to fly somewhere or do something else that today is deeply unsustainable. Why? Simple, because with rationing, anybody can do whatever they want with a clear conscience – fly, drive, eat meat – as long as their rations hold out.

Adam, London, UK 2019
Millie - artist, designer, illustrator

Millie S. Holland: artist, designer, illustrator – BA

Like many makers, I create work that isn’t environmentally sustainable, but my conscience is constantly pushing me to try to be green and reduce my impact on this planet. Hence why in other areas of my life, I’m far more proactive. Total Carbon Rationing is a concept that would truly change the way we think about these issues, so it is something I am keen to help raise awareness of.

Millie, London, UK 2019
Sam with snake

Sam J. Baker: fundraiser, researcher, reporter – MSc Environmental Technology

Because I keep a close relationship to natural world, I feel a great sense of purpose in reconnecting people back to nature, and contributing to a rapid and just transition to a future with environmental consciousness at its core. TCR empowers people to make their own informed decisions when it comes to environmental impact. In this situation of institutionalised false promises and impending disaster, TCR offers an innovative and pragmatic solution which works with the current economic system, not against it. This could really give society a chance to keep warming below 2°C, even if many are saying it is slipping beyond our grasp.

Sam, London 2019


For the sake of transparency, all funding will be declared. Currently all work is done on a voluntary basis.

Due to the campaign’s scope and urgency, funding on any scale would be well used.