Lahti, Finland – Carbon Rationing in Action

The city of Lahti in Finland is running an experimental personal carbon trading scheme, with voluntary carbon rationing or quotas helping citizens reduce their carbon footprints as part of city-based sustainable transport programme. The city won almost €0.5 million from the European Union to run the project and hopes it will feed into the transformation […]

Friends Provident Foundation Grant Application (Snapshot of Where We Stand)

Tell us briefly what work you want to do and what it will aim to achieve… (750 chars) Our first goal is to enlighten the general public, academia, industry & gov’t about the potential of carbon rationing to lead on reduction of CO2 emissions. This will then feed into our second goal: aiding the creation […]

Improved Policy Proposal for UK Dept. of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

This is the submission we made to the UK Dept of BEIS in response to their call for proposals to be considered by their parliamentary inquiry. Please outline the issue that you would like the Committee to look into (200 words) Carbon rationing is a policy that can be implemented both locally in communities and […]

Australian 2020 Bushfire Crisis demands a new Political Strategy

The unprecedented 2020 Bushfires followed the lost 2019 ‘Unloseable Climate Election’ As we enter the new decade, Australia finds itself flooding the international headlines for all the wrong reasons. The record-breaking bushfires that began in December raged for weeks and were only fully extinguished thanks to unprecedented rainfall. It has shocked people all around the […]

Go vegan to stop climate change? It should be obvious.

The planet is going to climate hell and practically everyone wants to do something about it, because action is hope. So does going vegan reduce people’s personal carbon footprints, and if so, by how much? It should be obvious, but with the way agriculture and supply chains work today, the only way to know for […]

Old Front Page

Climate change is happening. Billion dollar natural disasters, rising sea levels, spiralling pollution and the threat of extinction are now always in the news. Our governments say a lot of the right things, but carry on with business-as-usual. But imagine a world where we fix climate change. And imagine that we fix it fairly, stimulating […]