We believe the best and most credible way to fix the climate crisis is by implementing Total Carbon Rationing (TCR), first locally, then nationally, and after that, the world will surely follow.

This is because TCR is a fundamentally better solution than the main policies discussed everywhere today – carbon taxes and carbon pricing.

It is climate action that everyone can embrace – from you, as a citizen, to oil companies, from governments to the UN – each would play their part.

More importantly, it’s fair and you get to choose how you go green. Everybody helps. It gives green business the best chances in the economy, and it can absolutely ensure we hit zero emissions.

But perhaps most important of all, it is a psychological solution. It would put climate change and going green on everybody’s daily agenda. Too often, we go about ‘business-as-usual’. With carbon rations, the climate will be right at the front of everyone’s minds every day.

We also love how TCR tells you exactly how good or bad a product is, because the carbon emission rations associated with every product will be as clear and obvious as the actual price.

Currently you have to research half a dozen websites to know whether you should eat that chicken, take that journey, buy those shoes … it’s not easy to tell if something is seriously bad for the planet. TCR does it for you – whether you make or buy the product, TCR means you can see the CO2 it causes at a glance.